Chingari launches #YeHaiChingariZindagi campaign to celebrate new AR filter


To celebrate its new best-in-class AR filters, Chingari has launched the most lively and rewarding social campaign — #YeHaiChingariZindagi. To participate, upload an awesome video with the hashtag — #YeHaiChingariZindagi — and Chingari will give Rs 10,000 to the creators of the best videos every day.

image-Sumit-Ghosh-Co-founder-and-CEO-of-Chingari-App-MediaBrief.jpgSumit Ghosh, CEO & Co-founder of Chingari App, said, “As much as we love to have such campaigns to reward our content creators, this party was actually started by our consumers.

“The addition of new AR filters to our platform was enjoyed so much by our subscribers that people in large numbers started uploading their amazing videos with the hashtag — #YeHaiChingariZindagi. And we decided to add to the celebration by announcing cash rewards for our talented content creators.

“It is very exciting for us to receive such an overwhelming response. Team Chingari has been working relentlessly to empower content creators with the best features. The launch of new AR filters is very significant not just for us but also for the consumers as we can now proudly say that an Indian app has matched up or even surpassed the global standards,” Ghosh added.

The best part of the contest is that Chingari will give an incentive of Rs 50 to every unique creator who uploads a video using AR filters with  #YeHaiChingariZindagi.  The best video will be decided every day after shortlisting 10 unique creators, chosen by Chingari’s jury members. It is worth mentioning that every unique creator stands only one chance to win the contest.

Here’s what you need to do to participate in the contest and join the party:

  • Download the Chingari App.
  • Make a video on Chingari’s trending track — #YeHaiChingariZindagi — and use five of your favourite filters.
  • Share post on social media with #YeHaiChingariZindagi

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