Stay together at a distance, Budweiser tells Buds through reimagined ‘Whassup’ ad

Stay together at a distance, Budweiser tells Buds through reimagined ‘Whassup’ ad

Budweiser 0.0 has launched a contemporary remake of its global advert, ‘Whassup Bud’, in India, urging people to check in on their buds virtually and continue to actively maintain social distance, despite the easing of the phased lockdown. The digital film is a humorous reboot of the classic ‘Whassup’ catchphrase, popularized by the brand back in 1999, which illustrates the camaraderie of friends, bringing them together, though now at a distance. Staying true to the messaging, the film has been produced entirely online, with scenes of the advert self-shot by the protagonists at their homes. Watch the video.

The campaign replicates the humor and vibe of the signature advert, tweaking the script to reflect the current times. It features five comedian friends, Rohan Joshi, Rahul Subramanian, Urooj Ashfaq, Kaneez Surka and Abish Mathew, engaging in banter over a video call, from the comfort of their couch, each of them homebound and distancing. Through an animated exchange of the iconic ‘Whassup’ phrase, the film showcases human interactions while in quarantine – the sheer joy of seeing your friends pop-up on your device screen when you cannot meet them IRL, intense board game sessions, even the awkwardness of interacting with a friend’s mother unexpectedly, all brought alive virtually. Reinforcing the importance of social distancing, the campaign posits what is essentially the need of the hour in the current climate – checking in and chilling with your buds is important but meeting them is not. As we adapt to the new normal, it is vital for us to continue to stay indoors and step out only when necessary.

Commenting on this initiative, Alexander Lambrecht, VP Marketing – South AsiaAB InBev, opined, “We understand that the lockdown, implemented for the public good, has limited social activity. Now as restrictions are winding down, many are eager to step out and meet their friends. While we do understand the sentiment, we wanted to underscore the need to continue physical distancing. The Whassup campaign reinforces this messaging, even as, staying true to our credo, we bring people together and celebrate friendships while apart. We are grateful to all our partners, who worked tirelessly despite the challenges, to bring alive the essence of the film. The health and safety of our stakeholders are of utmost priority to us, and we are confident that we will win this together.”

Offering consumers an opportunity to get together virtually and safely with their friends, Budweiser 0.0 also hosted a virtual concert featuring the American musical group, Black Eyed Peas. This was part of the ‘Rewind’ series, an uplifting livestream music experience with legendary artists to inspire hope and belief for a better tomorrow, which kick-started May 17th. Watch the video here. Also available on Instagram.

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