Britannia says Break Some Hearts to connect with millennials for Little Hearts Strawberry

image-INPOST-Britannia unmushes romance for Little Hearts Strawberry-Mediabrief

For its  recently launched variant, Little Hearts Strawberry, of its fastest growing brand, Little Hearts, the unique, poppable biscuit-in-a-bag offering, Britannia Industries Limited is focusing on millennials, and before launching the brand, BIL had conducted several focus groups from which it emerged that strawberry is the favourite flavor of millennials.

To strengthen the connect in an emotionally quirky way, Britannia has supported  its launch with digital engagements on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. The four-week promotional activity includes short videos and posts which features the unmushing escapades of its brand’s mascot – the Strawberry Ninja.

Considering that gaming has high affinity amongst the TG, a new game has been launched with the Strawberry Ninja as the protagonist.

The game would appear as an ad on their Instagram stories, and after one clears three levels of the game, a consumer would would get the opportunity to win some exciting goodies and enter the linked e-commerce websites, where they could purchase the new Britannia Little Hearts Strawberry. In addition, the launch has been supported by many on-ground activations.

Vinay Subramanyam, Head-Marketing, Britannia Industries Limited,  said, “In the past few years, we have ensured all our communication evolves along with our target audience. Our message of ‘Break some hearts’ speaks to these millennials who have a more dynamic and open perspective of love and take every aspect of it, including breakups and heartbreaks in the right spirit.

“Strawberry as a flavour is often associated with the old romantic and mushy version of love. Hence, with Britannia Little Hearts, we want to extend the ‘Break some hearts’ concept by taking down the stereotypes around strawberry and unmush it for good.

“To bring this thought alive, there is an exciting Strawberry Ninja character which goes around unmushing its mushy, romantic image,” Subramanyam said.

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