Brilliant Amy Winehouse docu ‘Amy’ to premiere on MN+ 14 Sept Part of SE03 of Pathbreakers – 50 acclaimed movies

This Friday, if you’re an Amy Winehouse fan, you aren’t going out anywhere. Just curl up with your favourite memories of her music, coz there’s a brilliant, Academy award winning documentary, Amy, directed by Asif Kapadia and produced by the team behind Senna, on a 9 pm on MN+.  It’s Friday the 14th of September. And were the audaciously, precociously talented, legendary singer e alive today, September the 14th would’ve been her 35th birthday. But sadly, at 27 she died of alcohol poisoning, though not before she had become the first British singer to win five Grammy Awards in a night including three of the Big 4, and after she died, her album Back to Black became (for a bit) the UK’s biggest selling album of the 21st century.

image-amy-winehouse-tribute-from-MN+-on-14Sept-Mediabrief-1Directed by Asif Kapadia, Amy attempts to decode Winehouse’s journey from being a media darling to becoming the subject of vicious tabloid headlines. Her strong personality, complicated marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil, and the love-hate relationship with the press are reflected in her deep, expressive soul music. As we know, the 6-time Grammy award winner was one of the biggest music icons in British history. But unfortunately, although she was a supremely talented pop star revered by fans for her musical appeal that crossed cultural and demographic boundaries, ironically, it was her chaotic personal life that stole the headlines.  Her tragic death at the young age of 27 left the world devastated.

So, it’s going to be a mixed night in for Amy Winehouse fans as they watch Amy, which delves into the life and death of the singer, putting the spotlight on her struggle with substance abuse, before and after her career blossomed, and which eventually caused her death.

Official trailer from Amy’s theatre release in 2015

Here’s the official trailer of the docu from when it was released in theatres in 2015.

Comments from back then: ‘Amy beat the usual suspects’

Here are some of the comments people posted underneath the video on YouTube:

I  saw this at the cinema and I’ve never struggled so much to keep my sobbing quiet. All around me I could hear people crying. I think it is one of the most emotionally draining films I’ve seen at the cinema, and where most people in the audience felt the same way.

She beat all the Usual Suspects at the GRAMMY’s that time… BEYONCE, JAY-Z, RHINANA, JUSTINE TIMBERLAKE, and now look… you can’t even escape the dreary music they come out with to this very day… nothing different. Amy was right… I can’t relate to today’s Music. Still you have to find great quality on your Own.

I always cry when she says “Its always a bit upsetting at the end isn’t it?” and when I  hear “’Love is a Losing Game” playing. Sounds erie. It’s just sad so sad to see someone so beautiful and talented go so soon.

image-amy-winehouse-tribute-from-MN+-on-14Sept-Mediabrief10 seconds in and I’m crying god 🙁 i will forever miss you my sweet <3

The young fellow who interviewed her in-front of the fish tank was spot on. What happened to him? Very insightful, he nailed it. Wish she could have hooked-up with him instead of Fake Blake. But that’s life; those who inspire us ultimately kill us.

Sad, sad film. I knew it was going to be sad, but I didn’t expect to cry! If I hadn’t been in the cinema, I would have started sobbing – it’s that sad! Bring tissues with you.

So, those were some comments by Amy Winehouse fans from when they’d watched Amy in 2015. Watch Amy on MN+ on Friday the 14th of September at 9 pm, and share yours, too.





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