Bollywood movie cliches and how they’re being busted in recent times


Bollywood has made some great movies over the years, movies that we love watching. So much so that we we wouldn’t mind watching the same movies time after time. This whole thing led to ‘The Bollywood movies cliches’. Though it was very prominent few years back, their presence still exists in some movies, Case in point — Bollywood has finally begun changing its movie-making formula, and we couldn’t be any happier. So, let’s look at how Bollywood movie cliches are being busted in recent times.

Exploring unique storylines

What would the hero do when the love of his life does not love him back? Movies like Dil Ka Rishta, Josh and many more, had the same plot-line. But not any more. Think about it. We are just four months into 2019 and Bollywood has already given us numerous hits from different genres. But on closer observation, you would see that none of them shares the same story line and is as different from the rest as sensibly made movies come.  Take URI for instance. This war movie is not only good,  but had a story line that made the audience give the film a standing ovation at the end.

Better character motivations while avoiding cliches

Motivation is what pushes a character into taking actions that have to be taken. Some might argue that URI used the age-old ‘Killing off the loved one’ cliche to make Vicky Kaushal take charge of the surgical strike, but this approach in the story line was so convincing, we just looked past it. Another example: Tumbbad mixes mythology, period drama and monster-movie tropes to create a unique parable of greed.

Female leads have increased significance

Gone are the days when only men used to lead the movie because apparently women were only good enough to dance in songs or wait for the heroes to save them. But the times have changed, and now we have movies where women single-handedly lead the movies to box-office success. Movies like Kahaani, English Vinglish, Queen have encouraged many to make women-centric movies. Even in the digital space, there’s quite some good content like the film The Sholay Girl that was released on ZEE5. Starring Bidita Bag, this movie is based on the first female stunt-woman in Bollywood. At this rate of progression, or progress, the day is not far when we would have our own Captain Marvel and Black Widow.

More roles for actors in all age-groups

Not all heroes wear capes, and not all heroes are young. Unless, of course, they are the leads in Bollywood movies. But not any more, Bollywood has proved it with many movies like Dangal, Pink, 102 Not Out and many more. A hot charming hero with a six pack is not the only way to take down problems. Sometimes, a wise old man who measures his every single move makes for a perfect lead character in a movie.

With so many new directors, Bollywood movies are looking more promising than ever. We hope this continues and Bollywood keeps breaking their Over-The-Top cliches to deliver good content.

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