Blurry Foods, Bhumi Foundation to bring livelihood opportunities to rural women

Image-Blurry-Foods-to-bring-livelihood-to-rural-women-MediaBrief.jpgBlurry Foods, which offers high quality unadulterated, natural and aromatic spices, herbs, and seasonings, has tied up with the Bhumi Foundation’s Spice & Cereal Processing Unit at Gurgaon to provide processing of spices for the brand by rural women.

which offers a wide range of indigenous spices, ground spices, whole spices, mouth-watering and palatable spice blends, with authentic spice processing techniques will now be imparted to rural women to upskill them and enable them to be an integral service provider to the brand.Â

Anoop VarmaAnoop Varma, says “Blurry is a young company which has already made an indent in the market with its authentic and natural spices, whole spices and diverse range of spice blends. This tie-up with rural women, who have already been skilled by the Bhumi Foundation in Spice Processing, gives us a valued workforce where we can also give back to the community. This tie-up allows us to follow a responsible and sustainable business model.”

The Bhumi Foundation set up a women empowerment cell in 2017, to scale up women empowerment and livelihood programs to generate sustainable income for rural women to support their livelihood and to get rid of poverty. The Bhumi Foundation set up a Spice & Cereal Processing Unit at Gurgaon and created SHGs (Self-Help Groups] in nearby villages. The SHG’s have also been linked with banks.

The SHG women acquired a number of training and apprenticeship on the entire gamut of store keeping, processing, packaging, selling, accounting, and small entrepreneurship skills. Efforts are made to develop them as small entrepreneurs by assisting in the opening of home-based processing units and outlets to generate livelihood options for them.

The Project is operational with the establishment of a standard ‘Spice and Cereal’ production and packaging unit in the village in order to ensure all the trained SHGs women are gainfully employed under the unit. The production and packaging are being done as per Food industry norms, benchmarking and parameters.Â

The tie-up with Blurry will help the women have long-term and sustainable employment. Blurry Foods spice powder and spice blends are differentiated from others, as they contain no added colours or agents. These spices and spice blends have been crafted out of sheer love, intricacy and devotion, after months of experimentation, testing, re-testing and sampling.

The end result is 100% natural, pure, fresh powders with unparalleled taste and aroma. Using only fresh and farm picked spices, the focus is on quality and taste. Blurry does not only offer a diverse range of spices and spice blends but is also on its way to becoming a preferred spice vendor for bulk supplies to cloud kitchens, restaurants and hotels.

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