3-plus hours of musical togetherness on Valentine’s Day: Bipin R Pandit’s Khumaar show

image-Bipin R Pandit’s Khumaar to rock on Valentine’s Day with interesting new segments Mediabrief

This Valentine’s Day, do something different from the usual candlelit dinner. Go for Bipin R Pandit’s ever-entertaining live musical show, Khumaar, which for 15 years now, has been regaling music lovers in general and its own massive fan following, with the most popular of memorable film songs from great singers like Rafi, Kishore, Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle and many more. The show is packed with some of the most popular tracks from across the years, from Bollywood, and has a large orchestra of musicians accompanying the multiple singers – each handpicked by Bipin.

Moreoever, now that Khumaar is completing 15 years this year, the Valentine’s Day special show this year will have some interesting new segments like a Dance Act, a segment on Regional Songs and a segment on Unusual Songs in Hindi Cinema besides, of course,  the romantic numbers.

The artists for who will perform at Khumaar on Valentine’s Day are from Bhopal, Indore, Ahmedabad, Pune and of course Mumbai. Each singer has been carefully picked after proper auditions.. It will be a group of 20 people performing on the event day with a compere, 7 singers, 10 musicians, plus the sound support.

Bipin R Pandit’s Khumaar will take place on Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2020, at St. Andrew’s Auditorium, Bandra, Mumbai. The show starts  at 6.30 pm sharp,  as there is a restriction on the closure of the auditorium at 10 pm

Donor Passes are available at Bookmyshow. Alternatively, one can call on 8082763652, 9867138115 and 9987433490 for donor passes. Hurry up, because a little bird tells us most of the tickets are gone

Bipin R Pandit says this year’s show is particularly memorable for him. “I had a desire to celebrate my 22 years’ association with The Advertising Club and there can’t be a better way of a celebration than music. A lot of my industry friends are expected to attend the show.”

Indeed,  a veritable Who’s Who of the Advertising world is expected to attend, much like all other years. And two industry stalwarts have even sent special messages for Bipin.

Eagerly looking forward to Khumaar: Raj Nayak

image-Raj-Nayak-House-Of-Cheer-MediaBrief“I have known Bipin for  more than two decades now,  or may be longer,” says Raj Nayak, Founder & MD – House of Cheer. “One thing I can tell you about him is the  sheer passion he brings to the table in whatever he does.  He is the fulcrum of the Advertising Club and has carried it on his shoulders, working diligently and efficiently under various Presidents with their different styles of functioning. Yet, the output form the Ad Club has been consistent.

“The other side to Bipin,” reveals Raj, is that “he is romantic and his love for old Bollywood music is legendary. His group Khumaar plays songs from stalwarts like Rafisaab, Kishorda, Mukesh, Lata, Asha, Hemant Kumar, Manna De, and others – a real treat for music lovers. I am eagerly looking forward to Khumaar this year in Mumbai. The fact that it is on Valentine’s Day makes it even more special.”

Khumaar… go enjoy it!: Sunil Lulla, CEO – BARC India

image-Sunil-Lulla-CEO-BARC-India-MediaBrief“Khumaar is Bipin Pandit’s passion. Bipin is the advertising folks passion,” says Sunil Lulla. “So anyone interested in brands is connected to Khumaar.

“Kummar is not just music. It is music with a story of life, passionately revealed over music, song, humour and stories with rarely known human trivia.

“You will tap you feet. Smile involuntarily. Sing along. Applaud with gusto. Regardless of whether you might know the song or not, be familiar with the characters that Bipin and crew thrust on you, or not, you will come out excitedly and share.

“Bipin knows that advertising and communication is about context, messaging and sharing. With Khumaar he does it with love for brands, media, advertising, marketing, sociology and all the other nutcase referencing of a great time. Go enjoy it!” Sunil says.

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