Big Ganga’s Chatth achievement: Live Argh for Bhojpuris across the globe; 300 Argh requests, 0.5 Mn reach

image-Big Ganga’s Chatth achievement- Live Argh for BhojpurisBIG Ganga, ZEE Entertainment Enterprise Limited’s No. 1 Bhojpuri Channel, with the opportunity to Bhojpuris to perform “LIVE Aargh” along with the “Ek Kadam Swabhiwan Ki Aor” initiative, took the Chhath Puja celebrations a notch higher by making it an extremely-memorable event for women, families and everyone else who are away from their hometowns.

BIG Ganga, while forming a special connection with its viewers, introduced a very unique initiative by roping in popular Bhojpuri actress Gunjan Pant to facilitate Argh (rituals) on behalf of the devotees who could not make it to their hometown via a FB Live on BIG Ganga’s Facebook page.

Through the LIVE Aargh, viewers, who wanted to perform Aargh, posted their wishes by logging onto BIG Ganga’s Facebook page. The actress performed the ceremony on their behalf ensuring they can stay connected with the actress and witness each and every moment of the Aargh.

This real-time viewing option by BIG Ganga ensured that their viewers don’t miss a second of the ritual performed by the actress and can have the gratification of their Argh being offered to Sun God at Ganga Ghat which is considered the most pious offering. Such was the frenzy and anticipation during the Aargh that as per the FB LIVE data, there were 300 Aargh requests with the event posting a staggering reach of five lakh.

Not limiting it to just the digital platform, BIG Ganga, through ‘Ek Kadam Swabhiwan Ki Aor’, safeguarded the dignity of the women devotees by providing them a safe place to change. In order to ensure a safe experience for women devotees during Chhath Puja, the channel installed changing rooms across the Patna Ghat.

The Chhath puja takes place near the Ganga ghats where women perform the rituals (Aarag) in the river. With there being no basic changing facilities available for women in the past, the channel put its best foot forward towards making the entire devotional experience a pleasant one for the women devotees in attendance. There were as many as 100 changing rooms installed across prominent and crowded locations set on the ghats of Patna.

With as many as two million devotees in attendance at the banks of the river Ganga, these changing rooms were a boon for the female population with as many as a lakh using these rooms to change their clothes.

BIG Ganga’s whole initiative not only provided women devotees with safe surroundings but made sure that it creates an opportunity for brands to reach out to their core target audience in large numbers.

Keeping in line with the rituals, the channel distributed around 10,000 sindoor boxes to the women adding further joy to the celebrations. Along with them, the event witnessed prominent brands like Emami (Zandu), Goldie Masala, Bunge Dalda, Ultra Teach and Yamaha come forward.

Amarpreet Singh Saini, BIG Ganga, Business Head, said, “Understanding the predicament women face year-on-year during Chhath Puja with no basic facility available, BIG Ganga has stepped forward with a unique initiative – Ek Kadam Swabhiwan Ki Aor. Through this, we aimed at providing a clean and secure space to women devotees so that they, along with their families, can focus on performing the rituals as opposed to worrying about the awkwardness post the Chhath Puja. Along with this, the initiative gave a perfect opportunity for brands to connect with their target audience.”

Samrat Ghosh, Regional Cluster Head – ZEEL said, “Being a network with one of the highest viewership in the market, it is one of our key differentiators. The market has grown exponentially in the past few years and this is high time that the regional players work towards forming a personal connection with the viewers while offering something or the other to the stakeholders. Through LIVE Argh our aim was to respect and celebrate the emotional attachment of millions of Bhojpuris across the world with their culture and region – thus opening doors for many of our stakeholders as well as advertisers.”

Big Ganga has always been at the forefront of spearheading initiatives that strongly resonate with the masses and truly serve the people in the region. BIG Ganga’s ‘LIVE Aargh’ and Ek Kadam Swabhiwan Ki Aor’ initiatives were an extension of its core values to continually deliver a quality experience to its audience both through riveting offerings and enthralling on-ground activities.

Continuing with its tradition of celebrating and elevating the pride of the region, Big Ganga soon will be bringing the International Bhojpuri Films Award onto its platform. This year Big Ganga is taking IBFA to Singapore to highlight the growing aura of Bhojpuri culture across the globe.

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