Pining for the roads? Here’s a message from BBDO India, tyre brand Ralco

image-BBDO-Ralco-Tyres-Campaign - MediaBrief-1Automotive tyre brand from India, Ralco, has a message for all of us who are patiently waiting for the lockdown to end and are eager to get back on the roads.

The roads in India have seen a drastic change since the lockdown and if they could speak, what would they say? Well, watch this:

#RideAgainResponsibly – a message from Ralco, urges people to take the responsible path when they are back on the roads by driving responsibly with minimal honking and adhering to traffic regulations. This way the roads will be more than happy to have us back.

Created and executed completely in-house by BBDO India along with Ralco tyres, they brought this movement to life in the form of a digital film inspiring people to ‘Tread New Paths’.

With the brand philosophy ‘Tread New Paths’, Ralco has always believed in progressive perspectives and embracing change by bringing highly relevant social conflicts and individual behaviours to light, encouraging necessary action.

Yogeshwar Sharma, VP Advertising – Ralson (India) Ltd calls this a socially relevant, refined, innovative and emotional brand promotion aligned with the brand’s ethos.

Hemant Shringy, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO India – Mumbai added, “We are proud to partner with a socially conscious brand to help put out a message that inspires people to reflect on their on-road behaviour, as we slowly and carefully step towards a post lockdown world.”

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