Top 5 must-watch Atul Kulkarni performances to stream on Amazon Prime Video


Versatile actor Atul Kulkarni has, till date, worked in Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu cinema.

Famous for his films The Ghazi Attack and Chandni Bar, Kulkarni was recently seen playing the gripping character of singing prodigy Digvijay Rathore in Amazon Original Series Bandish Bandits.

His portrayal of every character essayed till today has been appreciated by his fans and audiences alike.

Here is a list of some of his memorable films and performances to stream on Amazon Prime Video:

Bandish Bandits:

Radhe a singing prodigy from a classical background & Tamanna, a pop sensation on the rise meet. Radhe’s world is turned upside down when he falls in love with Tamanna.

Torn between helping her achieve stardom and staying true to his own music and his family’s legacy, will he succeed in juggling both or will he lose everything he has? Watch Atul Kulkarni playing shades of grey in Amazon Original Series Bandish Bandits.

The Ghazi Attack:

Inspired by true events, The Ghazi Attack is India’s first underwater war film.

The story revolves around the events that unfolded right before the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, when the Pakistani Submarine Ghazi  (Asia’s most powerful fast-attack submarine at the time) attempted to destroy the Indian aircraft carrier Vikrant. The film is available in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil dubs on Amazon Prime Video. 

Page 3:

Journalist Madhvi Sharma’s first assignment is a popular entertainment column in a Mumbai newspaper. Suddenly, she becomes everyone’s new best friend.

Whether it’s a burned-out socialite addicted to the paparazzi, a flamboyant make-up artist or her own roommates, everyone wants something from her.

With little help from her editor, Madhvi struggles to navigate the world of the rich and famous. Atul Kulkarni portrays the character of crime beat journalist Vinayak Mane in the film. Stream Page 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

Chakwa (Marathi):

An Indian engineer from America visits his village on an assignment and gets embroiled in the mystery and suspense surrounding his ancestral house and the village’s mango factory.

Atul Kulkarni received critical and audience appreciation for his role of Tushar Khot in this Marathi thriller.  Stream Atul Kulkarni’s blockbuster Marathi title Chakwa on Amazon Prime Video.

Premachi Goshta (Marathi):

Two different people, two different mind-sets meet each other at the most unconvincing place, a divorce counsellor’s office share their respective views about marriage and leave only to meet each other again…and unknowingly fall in love with each other.

Premachi Goshta, a sweet straight simple love story which helps find insight about decisions in life. Kulkarni portrayed the character of Ram Subramanyam, and left an unforgettable impression for his role. Watch Premachi Goshta on Amazon Prime Video.

If you haven’t yet watched Atul Kulkarni’s latest musical saga Bandish Bandits, stream now on Amazon Prime Video.

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