Amazon India organizes Amazon Research Days 2020


Amazon India announced its annual Amazon Research Days (ARD) to be held on December 16 – 17, 2020. The event provides an interactive forum for Machine Learning (ML) experts across Amazon, Industry and Academia to connect, share ideas, trends and advances in this space. The event will include a series of keynotes by technology leaders and sessions on Deep Neural Networks, Guided Search, Vision and Language Navigation, among other topics.

The conference will witness participation from senior leaders at Amazon including Rajeev Rastogi, VP, Amazon India ML; Srikanth Thirumalai, VP, Amazon Search; Anton van den Hengel, Director, Amazon India ML; Manik Varma (Microsoft Research), Purushottam Kar (Professor, IIT-Kanpur), Soumen Chakrabarti (Professor, IIT-Bombay), CV Jawahar (Professor, IIIT-Hyderabad), Qi Wu (Professor, Australia Institute for ML), and over 10 Amazon scientists.

Rajeev Rastogi, VP, Amazon India ML said, “At Amazon, we obsess on serving customers and our selling partners through ML as a key lever. Constant advances in this space require us to continually learn and be curious about technological advances not just within Amazon but also in the industry.”

“ARD is an annual event that we’ve been organizing in Bangalore for the past four years – where we bring together the ML community across academia and industry experts not just from India but across the globe, and provide a forum for ML researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas. This year, in a first of its kind, we are hosting ARD virtually in view of the prevailing circumstances,” Rastogi added.

Amazon has lined up a host of exciting talks and sessions on the latest innovations and research directions, including “Machine Learning Modeling Best Practices” “Product Shopping and Discovery: Challenges and Opportunities”, “Visual Dialog”, “Recent Progress in Speech Recognition for Alexa”, and “Monotonic Regression in Deep Neural Networks” among others.

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