To ease data stress, ALTBalaji telling users to stream in SD; Hoichoi to limit streaming to 720p max

image-altbalaji and hoichoi to cut bitrates coai mediabrief

To help reduce data stress, ALTBalaji will keep informing its viewers that they can choose the SD instead of the HD stream on the platform, even as it continues to encourage its viewers to stay at home and to serve them quality entertainment at the most optimized data usage, and HoiChoi is working to limit the streaming on its platform to a maximum of 720p, for which it is in discussion with its encoding vendor to encode the most viewed content more efficiently.

It will be recalled that ALTBalaji and Hoichoi were amongst the OTT Players COAI had written to requesting them to reduce their streaming bitrates to ease the congestion on data networks, but were not amongst the digital industry leaders who met and decided to implement a blanket reduction of their streaming bit rates from Ultra HD and HD to SD at bitrates no higher than 480p on cellular networks.

We reached out to ALTBalaji and Hoichoi for what they are doing for the issue.

Nachiket Pantvaidya, CEO ALTBalaji and Group COO Balaji Telefilms, said, “We are constantly working towards reducing the bit rate for our streams and resolving content resolution so that our subscribers during this phase can enjoy our content without buffering.

“As a call to action and urging our subscribers to make the switch, ALTBalaji is sending them reminders asking them to move to SD (Standard Definition) from HD (High Definition). As a responsible platform, we will endeavour to do our best to support and ease the infrastructure stress.

“The testing times that we are experiencing today, require each one of us to stay united, resilient and restrained to overcome this pandemic. The current scenario demands social distancing and Work from Home that has resulted in an all-time high internet consumption. Amidst the surge in video consumption and the subsequent request by COAI, we are already on the path to expedite steps that lessen the pressure on the Telecom Infrastructure. We are encouraging our viewers to stay safe in self-isolation for which we shall continue to serve quality entertainment at the most optimized data usage,” Pantvaidya said.

image Vishnu Mohta CoFounder & CEO - HoiChoi mediabriefVishnu Mohta, Director and Co-Founder Hoichoi, said, “Hoichoi, along with other prominent OTT platforms, received a request from COAI about reducing bitrates,  and we are already complying with it.

“As per the COAI request, Hoichoi is actively working to roll back its bitrate. We have already removed the option to Download Content in 1080p on mobile devices. We are also working to limit streaming to 720p max, which should be implemented in the next few days. Also, since Hoichoi is an SVOD platform, it does not support any Ads or pop-ups.

“We are in discussion with our encoding vendor to encode the most viewed content more efficiently,”  Mohta said.

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