Adani Group salutes the real heroes against the war with COVID19

Adani Group salutes the real heroes against the war with COVID19

  •   The video- led campaign aims to thank and appreciate all the essential service sectors and workers who are playing an important role in the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic
  • Created a series of videos and films to build awareness digitally about COVID19 which crossed over 14 million views across social media platforms

Ahmedabad, April 23rd, 2020: Adani Group salutes the workforce and the front line warriors for their unwavering support. Heroes of all kinds – Engineers, Technicians, Security personnel, Healthcare professionals and Sanitation workers are stepping out each day so that others do not have to. Adani Group thanks all of these torchbearers of goodness with various videos to convey relatable messages of solidarity and thankfulness through #GoodnessNeverStops.

Videos further seek support from people to stay home and maintain social distancing. Additionally, to continue the momentum on alertness, Adani Group shared an animated short film, to convey the message of ‘Hope and Soap will keep us safe’. The Adani Group conducted a video-led campaign on social media platforms for people to discover and empower the remote corners of the country to stand in solidarity and unity. In a recent LinkedIn article, Mr. Gautam Adani shared views on rediscovering hope and goodness amidst the pandemic.

The campaign aims to shed light on the novel thought of appreciating the real taskmasters and raise awareness amongst everyone who might forget the unsung warriors. It highlights the importance of making them feel loved and needed in the recently halted lives.

The campaign also appreciates the dedication of Adani Group employees for the seamless effort of delivery so that there is no uninterrupted supply of essentials, gas and electricity which are basics need during the lockdown period.

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