8-weeks of women-centric Hollywood films on MN+ Wings Of Change Gone Girl. Bridges of Madison County. Fargo. Tulip Fever. Maleficent.

This little list is quite a diverse, eclectic mix of Hollywood tentpole movies:  Gone Girl. When Harry Met Sally. Bridges of Madison County. Fargo, By the Sea. Maleficent. Tulip Fever. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  But there’s one common thread. Each film is a strong women-centric movie starring some talented, inspiring women from Hollywood. Together, at the comfortable start-of-the-weekend slot of 11 pm Fridays, these excellent films will be the drivers of a new MN+ 8-week property called Wings of Change, which will celebrate women who have created a paradigm shift in the world of cinema.

https://mediabrief.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/image-wings-of-change-MN-Film-Festival-MediaBrief-1.jpgAs a part of the launch, MN+ has collaborated with film maker Nandita Das and Padma Shri awardee and celebrated actor Kajol, who are influencers in their own right who have taken up matters of social relevance,  and have now come together to celebrate womanhood with ‘Wings of Change’. So says the release. But their involvement is by way of interstitial elements for integrations with their upcoming Hindi films Manto and Helicopter Eela respectively.

What’s interesting is the thinking behind the creation of this transient property, Wings of Change. The films are excellent, they feature strong and interesting — even arrestingly so – female characters played by very good actors, and the identification of the common ‘strong-inspirational women’ theme plus the very natural integration fitment opportunity of two Bollywood movies upcoming in the next few weeks, has been a convenient crossroads created by smart marketing thinking. And during breaks, Kajol and Nandita Das speaking of strong women while promoting their upcoming films will be interesting to watch and hear.

But hey, one doesn’t mean to sound disparaging at all. That’s  fact of movie marketing life, and still besides the point. The point  being: these are eight excellent Hollywood movies. You’ve probably watched them already, but handpicked titles are definitely the kind one would want to make an appointment to view. Different genres, excellent movies, great flowing narratives by a variety of accomplished directors. And excellent scripts and performances across. Wings of Change on MN+, eight Fridays starting at 11 pm starting 21st September.

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