7th IndiEarth XChange on 1-2 Dec in Chennai


featured-image-IndiEarth-XChange-2018-Event-on-1-2-Nov-Chennai-mediabrief-1Edition Seven of IndiEarth XChange will roll out in Chennai on December 1 and 2 this year. The XChange is India’s definitive trade event for independent music, film and media, and provides a professional platform where world industry representatives, venue owners, media, labels, musicians and independent filmmakers can connect. IndiEarth XChange will also feature two days of musical performances and film screenings, workshop sessions and panel discussions.

7th IndiEarth XChange events line-up

  • XChange Film Festival 2018 – in association with LiveTree & curated by award winning director Harold Monfils – features Film Awards for different categories
  • XChange’s Workshop Program offers engaging master classes and discussions with global industry professionals
  • Indie100 Program offers musicians a chance to be mentored, recorded, mixed, mastered by top Australian & Indian producers
  • Full Music Line-up & Conference Program (details upcoming)

This year, XChange has partnered with The Park Chennai as Venue partner, 4/4 Entertainment as Event Partner, LiveTree for the XChange Film Festival, KM Music Conservatory, Queensland University of Technology, the Australian Government, QMusic, MOMIX, Fracama, Astrolabe, Capsul Collectif, Yanai Lab, Region Centre, Institute Francais, IndiEarth and  EarthSync Academy, and continues its regional partnership with the Indian Ocean Music Market (IOMMA) – co-financed by the European Union.

XChange Showcase Festival

The XChange stage offers a space for alternative sounds to reach their target audiences. Performing at XChange gives artists the opportunity to showcase their music to artist managers, festival curators, promoters, venue owners, journalists and industry professionals from the global independent music industry. Several artists in the past have been offered bookings worldwide after their performances at IndiEarth XChange.

Says Sonya Mazumdar, Founder – IndiEarth XChange, “The programming ethos of the XChange Music Festival is designed to showcase both established and upcoming, Indian and international artists to Chennai and the global music industry who come to XChange.”

Complete music lineup details are yet to come in.

XChange Film Festival & Film Awards 2018

The XChange 2018 Film Festival is in association with LiveTree – the London based company that uses cutting-edge AI software to benefit the creative industries and help filmmakers secure funding, and is curated by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Harold Monfils, director of the multiple-award winning EarthSync documentary Laya Project, and A Good Day To Die Hoka Hey  and founder of Monfils Pictures.

Showcasing films from different genres, the XChange 2018 Film Festival’s collection includes rare documentaries, contemporary releases, animations, international features, and a selection of short films – a platform for both established and emerging filmmakers.

This year’s edition also features Film Awards for different categories including Award For Best Indian Film, Award For Best International Film, LiveTree Award For Innovation In Film and the Audience Choice Award – to be judged by an international jury.

The deadline for submissions has been extended to November 8th 2018

Indie100: Fourth Edition Hits XChange

EarthSync in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology (Australia) and the KM Music Conservatory (India) present the Indie100 India 2018 Program at IndiEarth XChange 2018.

Now in its fourth year, the program is designed to engage with the next generation of the music industry, and offer emerging independent musicians the valuable opportunity to be mentored, recorded, mixed and mastered by top Australian and Indian producers, and an opportunity to participate and engage with the music industry at XChange.

Mentors include renowned producers like recording engineer and record producer Yanto Browning and Australian producer/PhD student Dan Pratt; Dr. Kristina Kelman – a lecturer in Music and Sound with 23 years of experience working as a professional musician and an educator; Dr. Adam Greig – an active performer, researcher and musicologist; and Sonya Mazumdar – Founder/CEO of EarthSync and founder of IndiEarth XChange.

Deadline for submissions is November 9th 2018


IndiEarth [On Facebook (here and here) and Twitter] is an online platform that connects India’s non-mainstream independent musicians and filmmakers to worldwide Media and audiences. The platform features a blog, offers value-added services and wider opportunity networks through its partnerships for artists and industry professionals.

IndiEarth is an initiative of EarthSync – a world music record label and audio-visual production house, best known for its award-winning, critically acclaimed documentary The Laya Project, and its conference and trade event IndiEarth XChange.

You can register for IndiEarth EChange 2018 here.

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