63% Indians plan to organize a get together with their family during the festive season: Public

Image-63-Indians-plan-to-organize-a-get-together-with-their-family_-Public-MediaBrief.jpgWith the festive season around the corner, 73% respondents are all geared up and haven’t let the pandemic dampen their spirit, as per a survey conducted by the Public app, a location based homegrown social app. With the unlock activities in progress and people getting accustomed to the new normal, 63% of  respondents are looking forward to organizing a get together with their family and friends to pep up the festivities. The gifting options, however, brought forward a mixed opinion. 

53% of respondents said they would be visiting local markets for festive shopping. In terms of their inclination towards online shopping, 50% of respondents said they will prefer online shopping that comes with the convenience of being at their homes.

More than 5 lakh people from 300+ districts across India participated in the survey, giving their opinion on the upcoming festive season and their expectations from it. 

When asked about their spending habits and the effect of the pandemic on them, 61% respondents believe their spending budget will be lessened. Of the remaining respondents, 17% believed that the spending will remain the same as every year and 22% thought that festival budgets will in fact be heightened.

The survey also asked the respondents about the categories they would like to spend on. New clothes topped the list with 30% followed by electronics at 19%, automobiles at 14% and precious jewelry like gold and silver at 11%. The remaining 53% chose miscellaneous items. 

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