4 tiny ads – a little masterclass in smart advertising from Godrej Appliances 'Cricket ke liye Kuch Bhi Karega', done brilliantly

How do you too, like n other brands, clamber aboard the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 brandwagon without missing a step and falling on your face? Especially when the general mood of the hour is quirky, and the ads, if for TV, have to be very short — because the very premium ICC CWC is equally expensive, and the ease of making TV ads is usually inversely proportional to their duration. And if you wish to keep your campaign to social and the internet, you’re challenged to keep the duration instantly snackable, meaning around 10 seconds, and then keep the quirkiness, retain the relevance to Cricket, and slip in the product or service you’re advertising. How do you accomplish all that?

Well, with four tiny little crackerjack ads,  Godrej appliances has put out a free masterclass on the how to. For which Swati Rathi, Marketing Head, Godrej Appliances, and Anu Joseph, Chief Creative Officer –  CreativeLand Asia, should take a bow.

Called ‘Cricket ke liye kuch bhi karega’, the Godrej Appliances campaign comprises of four short films that communicate key deliverables and establishes a connection between the company’s product offerings with cricket in a witty and humorous manner.

The four are built around two young cricket fans. From dialogues like Kya dhoya hai or Check the spin and the commentary in the backdrop for context, the films are rooted in cricket and its unique lingo which ensures the ads feel seamless with the whole cricket watching experience.

The unique personalities of the two fans also add to the film’s quirkiness and humor. Each product – air conditioner, washing machine, microwave oven and refrigerator – gets integrated in the film with a fun twist.

Godrej Appliances’ Cricket Ke Liye Kuchch Bhi Karega




image-Swati-Rathi- Marketing Head-Godrej Appliances-Cricket-Campaign-MediaBriefSwati Rathi, Marketing Head, Godrej Appliances, says, “The World Cup is a once-in-four-years phenomenon which guarantees eye balls like very few events do. The growing online viewership allows us to reach a specific TG we want to connect with. We have ensured that the ads are not intrusive in the cricket-watching experience but instead, build on it in a witty manner which we feel will resonate well with our audience and help to register the product message better as well.” And indeed, everything works as planned.

image-Anu-Joseph-CCO-Creativeland-Asia-Godrej Appliances-Cricket-Campaign-MediaBriefAnu Joseph, Chief Creative Officer –  CreativeLand Asia, says, “Our aim was to effortlessly slip into the screens of cricket-crazy Indians and deliver the brand message without disturbing their viewing.

“I would think that’s perfect for a brand whose philosophy is ’Things made thoughtfully’.”


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