2 new TVCs from Figaro promote olive oil as cooking medium in Indian cuisine The films by agency Bounce to target new-age consumers

image-Satarupa-Majumder-CMO-Deoleo-India-2-New-TVCs-From-Figaro-to-promote-use-as-cooking-oil-in-Indian-cuisine-mediabrief-1Two new TV commercials are set to hit the content delivery pipelines to target new-age consumers.  In a bid to push the use and sales of its most popular brand in India, Figaro, Deoleo, India’s leading Olive Oil importer, commissioned creative agency Bounce to create these two films to drive home that Figaro olive oil is the healthy choice. It’s a simple, direct, and relatable concept aptly named ‘Battle of Minds’, and it works to advocate the use of Figaro  olive oil in Indian cuisines. As a cooking oil. Figaro, incidentally, currently holds a leadership position with 19% market share in the olive oil segment in India.

The storyboards of the TVCs have a man and a woman debate with their good and wicked sides on whether they should switch to healthy eating or just gorge on junk food. Figaro olive oil is then introduced, relieving them of the hassle to identify the healthy choice, and putting their minds at ease.

The concept seeks to leave the viewers with two thoughts: ‘Eat to Live’ as the message to drive home the thought of living healthy with olive oil, and ‘Simply Choose Figaro’ as the punch line that pushes the healthy Figaro olive oil as the cooking medium for your daily Indian-food needs.

Figaro TVC #1

Figaro TVC #2

image-Susana-Toribio-Bustelo-of-Deoleo-India-2-New-TVCs-From-Figaro-to-promote-use-as-cooking-oil-in-Indian-cuisine-mediabriefSusana Toribio Bustelo, Country Manager – India, Deoleo, said, “Figaro was launched in India fourteen years ago, and it has the highest recall in the olive oil category. As we surround ourselves with making healthy choices, Deoleo aims to build the brand Figaro with focus on a strong sales force, robust logistics and distribution network. This TVC will only further strengthen our efforts in building the brand Figaro for our Indian consumers.”

image-Satarupa-Majumder-CMO-Deoleo-India-2-New-TVCs-From-Figaro-to-promote-use-as-cooking-oil-in-Indian-cuisine-mediabriefSatarupa Majumdar, Marketing Manager- India Operations, Deoleo, said, “India has seen a gradual but steady shift in the use of cooking oil in Indian cuisine right from the early 20th century till date. We have moved from using different kinds of oil including ghee, vegetable oil, sunflower oil and mustard oil, but with the introduction of Figaro olive oil, Indian consumers have seen a tremendous change in the way they cook and undoubtedly, the credit goes to the health benefits that it provides. We are not only observing a huge trend but an increasing acceptance pattern of olive oil amongst consumers in India.”

Speaking of the health benefits, the TVCs have been carefully specific when they mention four Indian dishes – paratha, dal khichdi, biryani and sandwich. Notice none of these is a deep fried dish?  Don’t want a rival non-olive oil manufacturer pushing a complaint to ASCI, right? Why? Because, if you know you cooking mediums, well, olive oils — whatever the brand — are not suitable for the heavy duty kind of deep frying that’s called for by Indian dishes like samosas, pakodas, medu wadas, koliwada prawns and machchi et al, because olive oil has a low smoking point and if any oil is kept on a high flame after it’s crossed its smoking point, that’s bad for health. But hey, deep fried dishes are utterly unhealthy anyway.  But for most other Indian dishes, including, of course, the ones mentioned in the Figaro TVCs, olive oil is indeed an excellent, healthy option as a cooking medium, and not just an oil for salad dressings.

So the films are, as I said, simple, direct and pretty effective. In fact, Ajay Uthaman, CEO and Founder of Bounce, the creative agency behind the TVCs, put it quite succinctly when he said, “As challenging as it was to talk about the health benefits of olive oil, it was also aimed at eliminating the misconception that olive oil is only for continental salads and pastas and highlight how it can be used for everyday Indian cooking. Creatively, we have tried to bring alive the perfect solution which is not to make a choice at all, but ‘Simply choose Figaro.”

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