100 Mania: 100 days, 100 movies. Binge-elicious!

OK, so it’s time to set another movies property on series recording on my Tata SKY HD PVR – 100 mania, they’re calling it on Movies NOW, and the titles have made me want to make space on my set top box.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been sucked into watching some favourite movies again and again – that’s the magnet of engrossing movie entertainment, and time-wise, the pitfall of being a binge watcher.

Every movie channel has a finite library, of course, especially because film titles are the single category of content with the highest costs. So what a movie channel must do is pull out some of its biggest titles and string them into a property that, once known about, becomes a subconscious appointment viewing check. I’ve put such series on recording on my Tata SKY DVR.

100 Mania: good movies lined up

I think the Movies NOW 100 Mania bouquet is another such property that asks to be put in series recording – if you’re a movie buff, of course.

I am, and I like the thought that over the next 100 days, 100 Mania will air a good Hollywood film at 9 pm.  The lineup includes Fast & Furious 6, Man of Steel, Jack the Giant Slayer, Pacific Rim, Bean’s Holiday and Journey 2 the Mysterious Island . Don’t know the exact order, though.

Oh, I understand this is their third season. I missed out the first two, but glad to have caught on this time, and just in time – it begins on Saturday, the 12th of December.

100 movies on a series recording… The Tata SKY guys need to give us bigger hard discs for recording – 500 GB seems like a pittance, now . Or one will have to record, watch, delete. Though happily, the films are slotted at 9 pm, which is just the right time for catching a favourite movie ‘live’ too. Which is what my cinematographer-in-the-making son Yohan will want to do, especially since they’ve got a contest during the 9 pm airing, which allows viewers who participate with just an sms, the chance to win prizes ranging from digital cameras, HD TVs, an iPhone 6s, a bike and even, hold your breath, a car! He’s gonna like that

Don’t confuse my STB, please:

I hope the channel has called it 100 Mania as an event on the Tata SKY channel guide, else one will get a series or event recording only of the particular movie title, whereas the intelligent STB should seek the name ‘100 Mania’ for the series or event recording.

Movies NOW says this property has ‘helped it strengthen its leadership position in the 9 pm slot in English movie space further’. Obviously, they’re referring to editions 1 and 2. Like I said, I missed those. But the titles in this edition are good enough to make me want to set 9 pm, Movies NOW on a series recording from Saturday. I just wish they’d share the entire schedule. But then again, to be realistic, the competition is watching… and it does often react to Movies NOW, so I guess it makes sense to keep some things close to one’s chest.


Your thoughts, please